1. Complete application for New patient

We ask all of our new patients to complete a new patient application as completely as they can. This form includes questions about your healthcare history and gives us an understanding of past trauma and injuries that might be contributing to current health problem. We know your time is valued, so we allow all new patients to do the application online prior to their visit. We don’t believe in waiting around when you get here.




  1. Once the paperwork is completed, you will sit down with a one-on-one consult with one of our doctors. You will discuss past health concerns, goals for recovery, and possible outcomes to provide the best overall healthcare possible.


Objective assessment and Evaluation

  1. At this stage of the exam, we will provide a neuro-diagnostic evaluation of the entire spine. Our doctors use a specific approach when evaluating the nervous system called Infrared Thermography. Coupled with x-rays, our doctors can assess with pinpoint accuracy where any pressure, dysfunction, or underlying issues we call subluxations might be.



Report of Findings

  1. One your assessment has been completed, your doctor will recommend a specialized careplan just for you.  He will sit down with our and your family and present a detailed report of findings that includes an analysis of your imaging and diagnostic findings. No two people are the same and your care will represent that every time. Once your case is accepted, the doctor and you will now become a team to work through your goals and provide lasting changes.



5. The Chiropractic Adjustment

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for!  You’re first specific chiropractic adjustment!